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Hosting Services


For companies seeking to establish a leading online commerce channel, provide e-business tools to their clients and partners or deliver critical company and product information to their customers, secure and reliable Internet hosting is vital to online success. To these companies, Swordfish Solutions provides best-of-breed hosting solutions that allow organisations to remain seamlessly connected to their online audience.

Swordfish Solutions offers the following services and solutions to meet a variety of hosting needs:

Shared hosting

Swordfish Solutions shared hosting solutions allow companies to host their website and online application data in a secure, shared environment. A number of cost-effective shared hosting packages are available and include data storage and transfer, POP3 email accounts, MS & MySQL Database solutions, Microsoft or Linux platform based solutions and WebTrends reporting system.

Collocated server solutions

For companies requiring more extensive Internet infrastructure, Swordfish Solutions offers collocated server solutions. Swordfish Solutions locates client servers at the Swordfish Solutions NOC, offering clients state-of-the-art security, redundancy and access, while providing full service and support.

Managed server solutions

Swordfish Solutions offers comprehensive, turnkey hosting services through managed server solutions. Through these solutions, Swordfish Solutions provides complete hardware, systems and software setup and management, along with ongoing maintenance, system monitoring, upgrades and backups.

e-Commerce hosting

Swordfish Solutions delivers e-Commerce shared and collocated hosting services for companies seeking to establish an online commerce channel. Catalog and application hosting services are available, as is a secure payment and shipping processing solution.

Hosting service and support

Swordfish Solutions provides comprehensive service and support to all hosting clients. Depending on the package selected, Swordfish Solutions will set-up, maintain and monitor server performance, recommend software and systems updates and perform 24/7 response for on-site maintenance and repair. Swordfish Solutions understands the specific hosting requirements of each of their clients. We are able to service the needs of our hosting clients by offering on-site, telephone and email support. Unlike many big-box hosting providers that boast tens of thousands of hosting clients, Swordfish Solutions is able to focus on each of their clients individually, providing a level of personal service and support not available from larger hosting companies.


Remain connected with your customers:

Swordfish Solutions hosting solutions provide the reliable and secure framework for online e-business. Leading edge hosting technology and advanced security and redundancy systems allow Swordfish Solutions hosted clients to remain seamlessly connected with their customers, 24/7.

State-of-the-art hosting technology and a proven history of delivering quality service, support and unparalleled up-time, have allowed Swordfish Solutions to regularly assist companies with switching from big-box and other hosting providers to our services, with consistently positive results. For these companies, Swordfish Solutions continues to meet and exceed expectations, delivering exceptional shared and dedicated hosting solutions to companies of all sizes.

To learn more about Swordfish Solutions hosting services or to inquire about any other Swordfish Solutions products or services please use the contact us link.